Oil Filter Keeper Bolt fits all KTM 4-strokes 98-07

Oil Filter Keeper Bolt fits all KTM 4-strokes 98-07
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The stock O.E.M. piece is a pain in the neck... literally. The real problem is that the oil and filters should be changed and cleaned every 15 hours or so! The heating and cooling of the engine/gearbox causes the O.E.M. Oil Filter Screen Keeper Bolt to freeze or seize in the transmission cases. It has an 8mm internal hex design, which generally is filled with dirt, and cannot withstand repetitive usage even in the best conditions without deforming or stripping. Do not allow the O.E.M. 8mm internal hex to become unusable as the entire engine will have to be removed/ disassembled and the part machined out etc. Take great care with the O.E.M. service ritual, tapping on the bolt with a piece of brass (preferred method) per KTM service recommendation. Our Solution : The S.T.R. Stainless Steel upgrade part utilizes a 13mm external hex which cannot clog up with dirt and is much more durable in materials and design. It will take repeated torqueings/usage, with a socket rather than allen wrench, without deforming or stripping. The outer corners of the hex bolt are physically much stronger than the inside corners of the O.E.M. design. Just reach for your 13mm socket. * We like to use an Anti seize type product on the threads of this piece.