STR Speed Bleed Valves KTM All Models 00-18

STR Speed Bleed Valves KTM All Models 00-18
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The speed bleed buttons are a triple sealed push button valve assembly using two, piston and cylinder type o-ring applications in each valve to eliminate leakage of any kind, fluids or air in or out of the fork assembly. Just 2 pounds of pressure can change the suspension balance front to rear. Often what is lost with pressure in the fork is that Plush feeling and the confidence that goes with it. So start by topping out your forks, then bleed off any built up pressure This topping step is important so that you do not create a vacuum when they are topped. This condition would lower the front end ride height overall and alter your handling. A low 3/8 installed standoff height. Comes in Polished Aluminum finish.